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Steve Rachmad's subliminal debut album 'Secret Life Of Machines' was originally released way back in 1995. In 2012 the album was re-issued, although three tracks didn't make it to the vinyl re-issue. Now ten years later this new EP now re-issues also these three tracks after all: 'Satyricon', 'Hydroxy' and 'Draghixia'.
Re-issue of seminal Mr. Fingers album 'Amnesia', available officially for the first time in 32 years on Larry Heard's own Alleviated Records. This remastered collection of early Mr. Fingers works is an absolute must have.
Unreleased tracks from the vaults of Finlands' finest.
Lisbon's Paraiso bring their A&R a-game once again with a stellar EP by one of the city's most beloved techno DJs - VIL - and a chef's kiss remix by the one and only queen of twisted dance, EDND from Algarve.
First record is yellow and second is black.Coming hot on the heels of dynArec's "Murder Is The Number" EP, Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics label presents this double-pack by Alonzo, aptly named "They Come In Twos". Originally from Miami and now based in New York, Alonzo has previously released on W.T. Records, Zement, RotterHague, Phormix, Kraftjerkz, and Lost Soul Enterprises. He's also known as Lithium Parasites alongside bandmate, Vidrio. Alonzo's uncompromising approach draws influence from bleak urban landscapes, old city ruins, kinematics and all things bass which he finely represents across these 8 new tracks.
Detroit influenced 4 tracker by Paty Pat on Nighttripper. Heavy grooving fast-paced classic techno tracks on this versatile release. From stripped-down dubby techno to fierce peak time techno tools.
It's not every day we see a new release from John Beltran's alias Indio. With releases previously only on Transmat and Rhytmic Tech some 10 and 20 years ago we are very exited to present to you his new EP called Phoenix, and what a release it is! Phoenix is a full on Detroit dance floor belter with warm strings and comes with strong remixes from E.R.P. and Stryke.
The third volume of this modern classic, moroccan only compilation, blends peak-time heavy-hitters and more subtle moments. it gathers bergsonist kosh ocb malik jalil and viewtiful joe. OG soundtrack from the motion city, casablanca.
Tibor Kocsis doesn't take a minute to introduce himself on his first EP for 030303 records; he presents himself with a slap in your face from the very first second. Title track Delta Ophiuchi is heavy duty dancefloor material... reminiscing of the very best of K Alexi Shelby's early works, just a little more focused and to the point maybe - an instant rush and an instant classic! Second track Nekorb is a little sweeter and more for the after hours. The remaining 3 tracks keep that same flow; a wonderful blend of Chicago, psychedelic British acid house and electronic minimal wave.
A new EP by UK DJ / producer, Controlled Weirdness lands on Cultivated Electronics Ltd (CE's vinyl only sister label). On 'In The Shadows' he delivers 4 earthy and raw Electro cuts with exciting electronics, tough beats and wonky acid.
Talismann presents Percussion Part 3. The Series have come full circle, the Dragon at last bites its own tail. Riding the relentless rhythms into eternity. Percussion has come to the End and therefore its Beginning...
Twelve years since Brendon Moeller first appeared on Delsin's Ann Aimee offshoot it's time for a welcome return to Delsin Records. The prolific producer, also active as Echologist and Beat Pharmacy, hereby presents one of his most deep going, spaced out and experimental modular works to date. Crispy noodling electronics diluted with Moeller's trademark minimalist dub scapes, reaching from the mesmerizing the rubbery basslines of 'Route' to the energizing fast paced rhythms of 'Motor'.
Terrain, a new collaborative project from two London-based artists, debuts on the Delsin Mantis series. With an appropriately immersive, subliminal approach to contemporary techno, they present a sound split between low BPM, creeping intensity and dynamic broken techno. It clearly implies an acute instinct for the vibe the sublabel is exploring. Steely, dub-kissed textures and impulses shape out the space, while the drums fall in crisp, precisely interlocking formations.
Delsin marks its milestone 150th release in a rainstorm of gorgeous arps with a full EP from Voiski. For Luc Kheradmand it's a return to the label which carried his 2020 collaboration with Wata Igarashi and where he issued early single Breaths Written Outside Gloom. For Delsin it's the perfect way to sum up different dimensions of the label's identity - richly melodic, machine-powered and yet distinct from any illusion of a typical 'Delsin sound'. The End Of Fiction EP marks a new chapter in Kheradmand's approach and intention.
RTR delivering a crazy dovers album full of infectious acid and breakbeat injected tunes. Flirting with Squarepusher and Luke Vibert influences '61 Cygni' will sound familliar, yet still fresh, adventurous and bubbly.
Bristol based producer Gilbert steps into the time machine with this wonderful EP that sonically and spiritually connects to the early works of Warp pioneers such as B12, LFO and Speedy J.
Includes download code.Re-issue of Arpanet's second album from 2005. After the criticly acclaimed 'Wireless Internet' album Arpanet goes on a starker and more experimental ambient trip. As with his other pseudonyms Gerald Donald pushes the envelop further on every album with sonic explorations of scientific, technological and social themes. Originally released on Rephlex, now remastered for Clone Aqualung Series with a new exclusive track from the same sessions 'Superposition-Many Worlds'.
Boris Bunnik with a Vernon Felicity debut album. Days Of Leisure is a very well produced warm and analogue sounding house album. Think Metro Area vs. Larry Heard and you are almost there.. This is the sound of the summer and a future classic in the making.
4 Tracks of high quality trippy, and atmospheric techno from mystery Japanese project MA.
Re-release of Steffi's successful debut album Yours & Mine on her new imprint. The classic house album that reminds of early Detroit and Chicago tracks with a modern touch.
Digging Deeper return with a must have gem from 90's maestro Maurizio Verbeni with his aka Excessive. Remastered and ready to rock the dancefloors.
Quality techno from this Dutch Techno Don! A stalwart of the Dutch techno scene since the mid nineties, Jeroen Schrijvershof has been ploughing his own furrow aside from the typical norms and standards of the techno scene with lasting integrity and unflinching dedication throughout the years.
Mind Eclipse completes Deetron’s triptych for Running Back. After Body Electric and Ego Rave, it’s the missing part in a tale of youthful exuberance told by a seasoned raver and transported into the here and now. Taking the essence of the carefree energy of those days, its warehouses and fields minus the (sometimes!) aural clumsiness, Deetron delivers four studies in the transformation of said emotional states.
Clear marbled vinyl.Urban Force is an alias of a really well-known Detroit techno producer and we are happy that we can release a 15 years old and lost dub techno track of him with a deep and dubby remix by youANDme. Vinyl is cut with 45rpm and if you play it with 33rpm you will hear a special surprise.
Who is Magou? All we know is that, 2 years ago, Toy Tonics released a 12” EP that created a little buzz on this artist without a face and social media.The only clue is that Magou is allegedly a mysterious side-project by an otherwise well-known Italian music maker, producer and dj.Who cares about fame? This one is all about the music, so Toy Tonics is now back with a sassy 2LP release of Magou's full album.
"A Lucid Dub" and "Metronomik" get the remix treatment for the companion 12" to Louis' Metronomik EP.Diahgonal and John Beltran handle the a-side with masterful remixes of A Lucid Dub. Santiago Salazar and Shawn Rudiman add their knowledge to the techno discussion with their remixes of Metronomik.
This new EP, entitled "Serenity remixes", pays tribute to Popof's eponymous hit released in 2009. True Who's Who of electronic music, it includes several remixes of this classic by artists that we no longer present to you: Vitalic, NTO, Pig & Dan, Booka Shade, Oxia and Atoem.
Translucent yellow vinyl.Following his late 2021 LP "Obi Thine Xi", this extensive remix EP leads the last Rico Puestel album into its final conclusion, serving up substantial interpretations by Tom Wax, BOWMN and two further monikers from Rico Puestel himself. As if this wasn't enough, the highly anticipated, formerly unnamed and allegedly lost track "OTX" is in on it too.
Green vinyl.
Welcome to Anthony Naples first outing for Running Back. Swerve sees the New York resident putting his dancing shoes back on and taking a pause from his admittedly brilliant other side. A development that last year’s Club Pez on ANS already foreshadowed. While his music is at times ethereal and cerebral, but also engaging and compelling, Naples manages to fill the gap between finesse and function with idiosyncratic abilities.
Extended Repress Alert!Originally reissued to mark the 300th release on Tresor Records and the 20th anniversary of the mysterious Scopex imprint, Tresor is pleased to present the long-awaited repress of the package. The three essential Scopex records and the previously unreleased track "Optimal Flow" are now completed by "Pressure Point", a new track on the H-side, available on vinyl for the first time on the 2022 edition.Re-mastered from the original DAT tapes, the 4 records come together in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring the original and idiosyncratic Scopex designs with delicate spot UV print.
After the happily received and critically acclaimed Running Back Mastermix retrospective of Hamburg's seminal Front club by Klaus Stockhausen & Boris Dlugosch, another look at the playlists, hits, classics and unclassics is overdue. Now, the menu is solely set to the nineties - well after Stockhausen's departure and into Dlugosch's prime at said club.
It's a great honour to announce this Detroit legend: Alton Miller. Alton needs no introduction. A classy producer for decades, we're more than happy that he sent us some essentials over for his new ep - Essentials Ya Dig.
Fourth release from Mitsubasa.A Serious Club working machine with four banging Techno tracks straight from the heart. Rove Ranger, Specific Objects, Volpe and Utroit & K.O.S form this piece with a groovy and dubby way to perfection.
It’s been a long way. All seems to blend naturally with "A Long Way", the debut album from Parisian duo Jacques Bon & Drux.
Luv Shack Records is celebrating 10 years with a set of classic tracks from the back catalogue getting remix treatments for todays dancefloors on the Retroscope 01 EP.
A Fresh and timeles EP from the Fine Berlin DJ and Producer "Phazer".He is one of the Old School Heads of Berlin's Underground House Scene in the early 90's.After releasing Music on "Cabinet Records" & "Eclipser Chaser", we´re proud to release 3 of his fresh and uplifting House Cuts made for the Dancefloor.Also included is a remix by Dj Jauche of Phazer´s "Could It be".
Limited vinyl box set including 6 blue vinyl and download code.Another year, another expertly curated compilation touches down courtesy of Cocoon Recordings. Somehow, the world keeps turning and with it the Cocoon universe keeps expanding, causing subtle yet persuasive shifts in the sonic soundscape that continue to capture and captivate the imagination. In time-honored tradition the old guard and the new combine with devastating effect, to define the current state of play…

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