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Latest Arrivals

Third installement of the label with talented artist, FRNK . A real proper universe, expressed in a hudge 6 tracker mini-album, between Techno and Acid, the sounds are meticulously chosen to build solid tracks produced with full machines.
Includes insert.Heal From Bitterness / Mahres 002 is a strong mini-album reflecting the emergency state of our world and pushes you to reflexion. We wanted to highlight a new incomer, a great artist : NITSUJJ. A unique avant-garde style here, inspired by old Rock & Industrial sounds. With these 6 tracks, you will control brains, bodies and souls. You should notice a nice collaboration with Stephen on A3. All tracks are mixed and mastered by Chris Key at south end studios.
After the last part of the corpora trilogy and the "Paralyzed" EP by label owner Sciahri, Sublunar is delighted to introduce a new artist into their family.For the last decade, Calum Lee AKA Paleman has steadily built a powerful catalogue of releases showcasing his unique percussive and textural take on electronic music. In 2020 he launched a new alias ‘Fresnel Lens’ that showcases his film scoring work and more experimental, explorative personal works running alongside his continuing work as Paleman.After 2021’s self-released PLMN005, 2 Fresnel Lens albums and a short film OST, Paleman turns to Florence based Sublunar Records in 2023 for his next release and longest work to date - ‘Veiled’. The release encapsulates a considered and focused writing process informed by rhythm, momentum, abstract moods and a desire for tangible visceral sound design orbiting techno, UK experimental electronic music, and early electronics.
Exceptional collection of Eddie Richards classics and rarities. A retrospective series of UK Acid-House pioneer.
Exceptional collection of Eddie Richards classics and rarities. A retrospective series of UK Acid-House pioneer.
Fantasic planet 002 EP from well known Bassiani resident Hamatsuki. Includes Eversines remix.
This time, indeed, in addition to his typical techno style Hornbostel delivers impressive prog stuff with extremely different BPM, where instrumentation and compositional techniques could be even associated with jazz or fusion music. An ambitious state-of-the-art project, a sign of bravery and self-con dence in this era characterised by uncertainty.
Three of the hottest underground artists of the moment are in charge of a brand new Bread & Butter instalment, here in its sixth edition. Sunwaves' heroes Cosmjn, Giuliano Lomonte, and NuZau share this wax for a tasty EP fragrant like bread and smooth like butter.
Highpath Records welcomes London based producer, Nick Gynn (Superlux Records) with his dynamic Pull Up EP.
Jack Flash, a man on a mission. Sent to Planet earth to bring back funk & groove to the human race. Let his sounds free us from business techno. May his message shine on in our hearts letting us know that not only Jack had a groove.Let there be house.
Clear vinyl.The Fourier Transform White Label series aims to release vinyl-only various artist EP's and access the feeling of dissappearing into a record shop, finding a mysterious white label and not knowing who had made the music on it. Each EP will have 4 different artists on which will be listed (but not on the label), however you will not know who has made each track without listening to the music and then filling in the info sheet. We think the styles are all distinguishable, however you may need to do some investigation and check the other artists releases. The info sheet also has a crossword to keep you busy whilst you listen to the tracks and make your choice.The first EP contains deep melodic music from co label owners inkipak and The Vast Profound, as well as ReKaB and Rai Scott. Between them they have released on some amazing underground house and techno labels including Distant Worlds, Ornate, Exalt, Alola, Inner Shift, Magnonic Signals, Moatun, Echocentric, We're Going Deep, Further Electronix.
Gatefold jacket.Robert Babicz started his musical career under the Rob Acid moniker in 1992 and this triple 12“ vinyl pack is a compilation of 12 of his most essential tracks of all times.
Finger Prince recordings debut with the ‘Make U Feel Project’.A four tracker with the same assignment handed to four artists including some of the original Music For Freaks and Classic Music Company recording artists.
DeepnosiS is excited to present its long-awaited third EP crafted by three great artists and friends.SIC head Andrea Ferlin and Fabio Caria come together to produce Senua, entangling the mind into moments of blissful yet melancholic suspension in Music.On Side B, deep techno master Claudio PRC puts his distinctive taste into his remix of Senua delivering a powerful and profound interpretation of the track.Expect inner excavation through their sound.
Second part of Kit Clayton’s Retro collection of lost classics and unreleased tracks. Rare and raw US house and techno tracks remastered on vinyl only release.
Random coloured vinyl.Portuguese artist A Thousand Details distills four expertly crafted dark and percussive gems.
Next up on Curtea Veche’s Limited series we have Texas’s rising star Chklte.2 originals and 2 remixes by Romanian stalwart Cristi Cons and a tasty collab with Cristi and Canadian veteran Jay Tripwire.
I am proud to present the first EP featuring artists from my Patreon community on Electric Ballrom. A project very close to my heart, Patreon is a place where like minded people from across the globe meet, share knowledge and help each other grow. The first result of this a joint effort, every track a road tested gem, showcasing the raw talent and dedication of the artists. (Thomas Schumacher)
We are delighted to welcome back Jose Vizcaino with this four tracker EP called "Transitions". A blend of classy deep house with a modern minimal touch, music for refined clubs and exquisite connoisseurs.
Eduardo always delivers quality music, but this is a very special record, we can say that "this is a showcase of electronic music".Four tracks with four different styles of electronica: deep and marvelous keys in "Wondrous Punia", a masterly Detroit house lesson in "Knockout Sakshi", the minimal techno monster in "Great Manojar", and the psichedelic electronic cult song "Georgeous Shiama".Another timeless record for your collection.
Maurice Aymard has certainly established a notable presence within electronic music. Here we see Maurice pair up with J.E.E.P, a name known to many from following his involvement in projects including ‘The Hints’ with Quarion and ‘The Egyptian Nipples’ alongside Massimiliano Pagliara, whilst his back catalogue boasts releases on labels such as Apersonal Music, Sonar Kollektiv & Seven Villas where he returns to here.
“The Marianas” is the debut release by Nacho Sanchez on Seven Villas. Under a strong influence of Detroit and Berlin, Nacho delivers four tracks of elegant deep techno with a refined production.
2022 repress.Calling across the vast plains of sound, there comes Pablo Bolivar’s minimal electronic soundscapes - drawing the listening in and leading them into a dream state. With rolling basslines meeting gently rising synths, Framework Of A Dream is a journey into the subconscious as it ventures into unexplored thought and richly textured waves of sound. A refined piece of work, best listened to when in a contemplative mood, the LP creates an ambient space, perfect to push the mind into new directions.
On their return to Desolat Barcelona based musicians Pulshar deliver a deliciously deep and trippy EP.Following on from 2010’s critically acclaimed album ‘Inside’, Spanish duo Aphro and Pablo Bolivar aka Pulshar return to Desolat with the ‘Different Drum’ EP, and all five tracks showcase the deeply hypnotic yet richly soulful sounds which the duo are synonymous with.
Includes download code.Pulshar return to Desolat with another stunning long player filled with a selection of sumptuous productions that further demonstrate their grasp over intimate and deeply ethereal electronic music.
Following the successful release of “Espectrum: The Avantroots Dub Techno Compilation”, Pulshar presents the next chapter.“Espectrum II” is a collection of eerie, dreamlike and sublime tracks spread over two EPs. Now we present the frst one, with original recordings by Beat Pharmacy, Segue, Toki Fuko and Sibling feat Drhamer.
For their latest EP "Mask", Pulshar arranged two tracks full of dusty sounds, haunting dub atmospheres and eerie vocals. A record, that somehow feels like their start back in 2007, when their first Mini-LP "Babylon Fall Collection" saw the light of the day to cause an underground stir.
This debut also features remixes from Martin Buttrich and Guti on the same wax.
Talismann returns with a limited vinyl run of his Percussion project... Commanded by the deep rhythms from beyond, Talismann meticulously crafted his modular album named Percussion. It's a homage to this dancing rhythm, the short strikes and drums that give soul to even the darkest ambiance. Percussion is a multi-release album, and will eventually provide a complete experience. Offering a multitude of unified tracks which all share a synergy with one another. A synergy that will invite for others to play and create one's own within the universe called Percussion.
No nonsense, no faking, no timewasters: the raw classic techno energy of Nuno dos Santos and Cosmic Force's Ultrastation project continues to tear holes in the space time continuum with their latest EP - 'Red Skies'.
Originally released on Axis records.
Raw & gritty peak-time analogue techno cuts by ROD's new hardware project Rod20.
Fierce rolling tracks with emotive strings and fresh beats on this new James Shinra EP. All previous releases from James have been some of the highlights on Analogical Force and also this one is from the same high quality. Written while the world is undergoing some turbulence... but this release calms the mind and energizes the body.
It's been 10 years since the last M.A.P. release, but the Detroit Party Train is going full steam ahead. Four new hot D.I.E. traxxx by the legend that is DJ Maaco. Will rock up any floor.
Adam Pits bows down to the cosmos and bears witness across the super-technical 'Cosmic Confession' EP on his Craigie Knowes debut. A record for the DJs packed with sounds that work throughout the movement of the night.
Driss Bennis is back in stores with his OCB project for another future classic. This massive 8 tracker pushes all boundaries of techno, break-beat and electro. A-side strictly for nervous DJs, B-side for sensitive souls! Tested and Approved. Catch the train.
Funky, melodic and adventurous electro by the Rayer! Having the underground of Antwerp in his pocket for over a decade, Redray releases on Rotterdam Electronix in full strength with this stunning Mini-LP full of blissful detroit-ish Electro cuts.
The second drop in a limited run of vinyl editions from Talismann's Percussion project. Talismann continues to unleash the percussion. Drums summoned from ancient times echo over the ruthless beats that pound harsh into your soul. Percussion is a multi-release album, and will provide a complete experience. Offering a multitude of unified tracks which all share a synergy with one another. A synergy that will invite for others to play and create one's own within the universe called Percussion.