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Jose Lau
Uprooted Soul EP

Uprooted Soul EP
Uprooted Soul EPUprooted Soul EP


Jose Lau




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Jul 1, 2017

Jose Lau delivers the fifth release on Urban Imagery. Four tracks from familial territory by a producer who originally hails from Managua, Nicaragua. What is evident in Jose Lau’s debut release is the unique melding of traditional deep house elements with unassuming latin-funk percussion. Common throughout is his masterful use of Chicago-eque basslines and delicate pad movements alongside minor-key melodic underpinnings. The outcome is buffered by lo-fi harmonics and dub overtones. Late night introspective music to its core.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: Generic


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Keep It Deep


Into The Unknown


Mysterious Shaker


Slow-drifting Years

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