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The Great In The Small

The Great In The Small
The Great In The SmallThe Great In The Small




Gooiland 33 ET058


1x Vinyl 12" Limited Edition



Release date

Jul 3, 2018

Limited edition of 200 copies.
Each Gooiland Elektro compilation is a peek into the future and of things to come. On his new compilation you will find three new artists: Max Dahlhaus, ЯTRA and Vitriol. Next to these Utroid is back and featured with a new track. All of these artists and tracks represent the sound of things to come. Dark, harsh techno with influences of EBM, acid and industrial music. Possibly this is also the most dance floor minded Gooiland Elektro compilation up to now but without any concession to aesthetics, sound or mood.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Max Dahlhaus - Kurasuta


ЯTRA - Pagan Rites


Vitriol - So Are Venom!


Utroid - Black Prism

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