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1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Aug 3, 2018

You were in another city, somewhere in the rain, the coastal structures black and windowless, but with slowly pulsing white lights; black lighthouses in the city stream drifting up and over our view. The apartments and offices spread out behind, and all the transparent shades of umbrellas walked across the streets, strewn around like a beach after a storm. I drove over the bridge, there were few railings and from over the hills you could take in every aspect of the city wall, and the bridges beyond. Passing the grey mists and through the giant vents to clean the view, the freeway winded into tunnels, lit in soft yellow and gold, the pipes shining bronze and the lights of other cars passing tracers of red. We had walked together from the center of the city through that maze of umbrellas, the faces of others obscured underneath, seeming asleep through the dewy plastic, walking on and on. We walked for what seemed like 20 minutes to where we always went, as if we didn't need an umbrella. We didn't talk, or didn't need to. When I arrived at your building, it was warm inside like a library. There were lamps along the wall, and all the colors of the furniture seemed dark and in the shadows. When we met it was with smiling and some kind of surprise, as if we hadn't just met hours before, but instead it was what may have been years. I just need to choose which it is.

- Will Long, 2018

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Burden Of Bliss



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