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Sharad Sood
Based On Instinct

Based On Instinct
Based On Instinct Based On Instinct


Fundamentum 004


1x Vinyl 12" EP Numbered



Release date

Feb 7, 2020

Includes download.
'Based on Instinct' is the first solo EP of Atmophile Electronics cofounder Sharad Sood. All 4 tracks are composed in playful hardware jams, each following its own concept, from synthesis approach over rhythmic structures and recording techniques up to the editing process. Keeping a techno feel at heart this release is a representation of his never ending urge to experiment in the field of music creation and audio engineering.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Teile Nr. 3



Neue Welt



Based On Instinct



Like A Dyslexic Writing A Peom


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