Eduardo De La Calle
Presents: Mindfulness Hipernormalisation

Presents: Mindfulness Hipernormalisation


Konsysttenzia 006-2/LP


2x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Sep 8, 2020

Eduardo De La Calle - Presents: Mindfulness Hipernormalisation | Konsysttenzia (Konsysttenzia 006-2/LP)

The Mindfulness Hipernormalisation album itself marks a new turn in Eduardo's work, breaking away from any musical style or stereotype and always trying to seeking freedom of expression,marked also by a strong connotation of voluntary ostracism.A new stage in which Eduardo uses this double vinyl like a tool to mark a distance with the current international scene and also support the Adam Curtis theories shown on his acclamed documentary "The HiperNormalisation" 2016 . The album show influences that goes from romantic ambient melodies to the most complex and experimental electronica,also including easy listening techno where it is difficult to differentiate the line between techno and ambient.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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