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Andy Vaz
Bicycle Love

Bicycle Love
Bicycle LoveBicycle Love


Andy Vaz




1x Vinyl 12" Limited Edition Repress Coloured



Release date

Feb 5, 2021

Blue transparent vinyl. Limited to 150 copies.
Limited Repress of a Deep House Classic. 12inch comes as blue transparent vinyl. Andy Vaz has a giant passion for cycling, precisely for extensive trips from his Hometown Cologne to Düsseldorf and other destinations around the area on his old school flavoured VITUS 979 Duralinox racing bike. “Bicycle Love” is his personal homage to it.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Bicycle Love (Original Mix)



Bicycle Love (Brad P's Strings And Keys Mix)



Bicycle Love (Damon Lamar's Lower Wacker Drive Mix)


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Some lovely deep lush house tunes on this one! Karlos Moran continues to release more bonafide classic US Deep House music on his own Moran Music Group label (which was started for him especially by the people behind Klasse Wrecks).

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