Solo Super

Solo Super
Solo SuperSolo Super




2x Vinyl 12" Album



Release date

Apr 14, 2022

Well, who would have thought: Fuck Reality seems common sense out on this world in the year 2022. And so the Smallville-offshoot comes along with the very first album ever- we are happy to present the debut longplayer from Frantzvaag, hailing from Oslo, Norway. The album comes with a full cover by Stefan Marx and the first edition includes a special 60x60 cm poster!
Electronic Dance music, particularly House and Disco have a huge history in Norway and there are various producers, that have made themselves a name worldwide. Mats Frantzvaag is one of the fresh face of the local house-scene, after 12“ releases on Fuck Reality and Full Pupp, he finally presents his own vision in full-length. Always with a fresh beat, 'Solo Super' paves its way with reduced-but-euphoric house, breaky feels, trancy pops and twinkling outta-this-world-moments, smoothly blent together into a colourful entire.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Anyone Everybody




Solo Super




Going Away


Come Later





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