Ryan James Ford Anetha
Rules Are Meant To Be Broken EP

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Feb 25, 2022



For its sixth release, Anetha invited outstanding dj and producer Ryan James Ford on MTY-005 «Rules are meant to be broken», a 5 rule-breaking tracks EP. But for now, the question remains: who will dare?
Mama knows best: rules were always meant to be broken and challenging them is actually challenging ourselves. Never forget that going beyond is and has always been the way of life. Always playing borderline, in an very aphextwiny way, Ryan James Ford dares moody homey moves, takes a big step into IDM and goes forth ethereal techno.
The dripping cool artwork has been commissioned to digital artist Kitasavi. Truly regressive, joyfully transgressive, Kitasavi’s work had to be showcased in this new MTY opus particularly. Diplomatie Studio took care of the design, mastering was entrusted to Sixbitdeep, as usual.
An audacious anthem resonates, feel the bass into your chest: be bold, be adventurous and ride now with Ryan James Ford in Laugh Now Cry Later (A1). Hear the trumpets Ryan summons, there is only one way and it’s beyond: today my friend, we overcome. Twirls later, here we are, at the point of no return, our trip brings us to Ketamax-50 (LGL76)(A2), lose yourself in ethereal techno prowess and experience lightness. Things are getting out of control on Crêpes Suzette (B1) where our two troublemakers Ryan and Anetha meet, making some big childish heady noise. Sublime mental loops lock us up and now is the perfect time to break the rules. Will you dare ? We know you will. Coming as a reward, sounding as a victory song, Intro To Life Drawing (2004 Mix)(B2) is a blessing. Deep down our soul vibrates the simple yet delightful, powerful melody Ryan gave life to. Rules were broken and nothing happened, except we feel free, we feel elevated, we feel exalted. Finally, Ryan put us back on track with Off White (B3), a new journey is waiting, there are new lines to cross somewhere, new rules to break somehow.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Laugh Now Cry Later


Ketamax-50 (LGL76)


Crêpes Suzette


Intro To Life Drawing (2004 Mix)


Off White

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