Stefan Goldmann
Singing Wire / Geared

Singing Wire / Geared






1x Vinyl 7"



Release date

Feb 18, 2022



Comes with download card.
This is the fnal chapter in a series of three 7" records which see Stefan Goldmann probing the upper temporal reaches of techno. Clocking in at 150 bpm, these tracks are bold and blazing signals for a collective return to highly energised club experiences. 'Singing Wire' is playfully swinging and feels surprisingly natural and decelerated for what it is – while taking you decisively and rapidly to its farend destination. 'Geared' is raw voltage with all the sparks fying. More bouncy than harsh, these tracks show impressively how diferent tempos allow for their own variety of joyful expression.
Beautifully packaged, all three 7"es come in a thick matte-black outer sleeve with front side cut outs and refective-lacquer details, with individual colour-coded inner sleeves.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Singing Wire



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