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1x Vinyl 12"

Release date

Feb 25, 2022

Dutch duo, Fouk, are responsible for the latest addition to our Classic Cuts series. By no means newcomers to the scene, since releasing their debut EP in 2014, Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman have become known for their joyous blends of house, disco and funk.
Whilst maintaining these stylistic sensibilities, as well as an emphasis on fun and festivity, Paradise EP sees the duo experiment with instrumentation to create intricately crafted and richly layered soundscapes. Most aptly embodying this is the title track which weaves together various percussive textures underneath staccato piano chords in a jubilant celebration of rhythm. Deep house track "Next Summer" represents the EP at its smoothest, either its jazzy undertones transporting the listener to a sunkissed beach spot, or its synth-driven melody to a video-game-esque psychedelia.
The EP's latter half: "Tough Love", "Late Night Snack" and "Drugged out", see disco and funk take centre stage with meandering bassline melodies and diva-esque vocal chops showcasing the infectious energy for which Fouk have become known.
Paradise EP drops February 18th via Shall Not Fade.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Next Summer


Tough Love


Late Night Snack


Drugged Out

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