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Special 3




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 15, 2022


ARTS presents an inner section of the catalog that represents a combination of different sides of records that had a great success and impact in the scene. You will finally have chance to obtain physical versions of some of the great records that previous was in single format in our catalog all in one place.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Shlomo - Burned Hand


Shlomo - Burned Hand (Emmanuel Remix)


Kmyle - Capital


Kmyle - Ora

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Third time's the charm - here comes the third vinyl release of TDS Records. The label's original artists formed a two-person formation under the name: Z1B2. ZOL and n-2b together wrote three tracks, commemorating their subjective perception of the last years, sublimating life into ambient technodub melodies. All three tacks are examples of sentimental minimalism, with a simple techno groove. The fourth track is a closing remix by krisz deak which delivers a very optimistic vibe that will make your feet move.
Karlos Moran, the wunderkind from Kansas City returns to his own Moran Music Group label (helmed by the people at Klasse Wrecks no less) for his 5th release. Showcasing the producers flair for classic US Deep House tropes and a deft talent when it comes to singing and playing instruments live, MMG005 is collection of 4 tracks of wonderful and positive vibes. Trainspotters might notice something familiar and newcomers might discover a new favourite artist, step into the house of Moran and enjoy.
"We live in a age of dinosaurs. All around us enormous, social, economic, and political behemoths lumber through destroyed environments, casting life threatening shadows over the entire planet. There is a titanic struggle taking place in our communities as Capitalist-Rex and State-asaurus struggle to fill their bellies with more resources and power while fending off the claws of competing species such as the newly savage Pterror-dacyls. The battle between these giants is terrible and rages on, but it cannot last. Evolution is against these doomed tyrants. Already their sun is dimming and the bright eyes of others gleam in the darkness, demanding something else."
After his latest ‘Youth EP’ that experimented with spacious vocal chops and whimsical soundscapes, Nocow returns with a relentless flurry of blows on the heavily computerized ‘Magnit EP’ released on npm. Featuring gloriously broken melodies and hard-hitting rhythm, Nocow explores the darker, more formulaic side to his sound. Brooding acid-infused synths shimmer across the four tracks, morphing between moods as the EP progresses.
Grey marbled vinyl.SOURS' analog gear takes control on this dancefloor-oriented release! An indispensable collection of stripped and highly effective acid techno tracks, bundled into one massive double LP release.Limited printed sleeve edition with two coloured 12" and SOUR's stickerset inside.