Los Angeles 2029 (In Tribute To Terminator)

Los Angeles 2029 (In Tribute To Terminator)
Los Angeles 2029 (In Tribute To Terminator)Los Angeles 2029 (In Tribute To Terminator)Los Angeles 2029 (In Tribute To Terminator)




1x Vinyl 12" Coloured



Release date

Apr 11, 2022




Transparent dark blue vinyl.
On Electro Records' "Sci Fi Electro" series, each artist has created a 15 minute track for each side of the record, taking you from pure electro tracks to very experimental compositions, sounds and atmospheres. Each side is divided in "movements" in a continuous morphing process without any pause between different tracks. The series is a collection of seven releases inspired by the following films created in the 20th century: THX 1138, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, The Thing, Akira, Terminator and Tron.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


A Side - Cut 1


A Side - Cut 2


A Side - Cut 3


A Side - Cut 4


B Side - Cut 1


B Side - Cut 2


B Side - Cut 3


B Side - Cut 4

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