Duncan Macdonald JohannesK
Existense Is Absurd

Existense Is Absurd






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jun 3, 2022



First chapter in the collaborative effort between JohannesK and Duncan Macdonald. With a focus on hypnotic but driving techno, the release features two tracks each from the label founders. Respectively the 2 artists have released on labels such as Key Vinyl, Hayes, ARTS, Krill and more. The focus is an overall aesthetic product that is in balance with sound and art design, with the design again focusing on artists and friends.
Existense is Absurd (a reference to the building Johannes and Duncan live in) is made up of 4 tracks of varying characteristics. The trippy and hypnotic grooves of Time and Cyclopes, with bubbling textures and cinematic ambience, contrast the more pumping Applied Force and Consciousness.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Duncan Macdonald - Consciousness


Duncan Macdonald - Cyclopes


JohannesK - Applied Force


JohannesK - Time

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