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Freedom EP
Freedom EPFreedom EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 2, 2022


Felipe Gordon comes back to Toy Tonics. The Colombian musician, producer and DJ has been part of the TT label crew since 2017 when he released his debut "Teusaquillo EP". Since then Felipe has made a huge career. He made a second EP for Toy Tonics (Wait On Me, 2020) he now releases on labels such as Heist Recordings, Kai Alce’s NDATL, Clone Royal Oak, Phonica Records, Shall Not Fade and was featured on Cinthie’s DJ Kicks.
With his third EP on Toy Tonics Felipe now takes a next big step in his artistic development.
He's been working for some months now on a new and organic path, a different way of vocal house. He started working with a talented young Colombian singer called “Bob The Egoist” AKA Daniel Pardo. Bob is a young Berklee degree student with a deep and emotional voice, an amazing knowledge about the classic soul and RnB and a clever and enthusiastic way of writing chord progressions, you will hear his name more often than you can imagine in the next coming months.
This new Felipe Gordon EP has a more organic driven feel, and is definitely a vocal house record. With a lot of classic 1990's house feel, but still not sounding retro at all. It has a slight futuristic feel. Besides the great vocal ideas the tracks are based on amazing chord progressions that remind the jazz-funk music from the early 1970's. Rhodes and clavinets, wah wahs and a nasty, soulful atmosphere. Felipe did some heavenly synth work, creating music with a deep yet funky character - always punchy and analog. Felipe’s production style seems to be exploring new grounds.
The music was recorded in 2 weeks only in December 2021. And probably that’s one of the reasons why these tracks don't sound over-produced. The instant, rolling feel gives the songs its special character.

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Don't Wanna Try It


Sexy Trippin' (feat. Toro Moratto)




Time (feat. Marc Bianco)

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