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Sanna Mun



Sanna Mun




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 9, 2022



Sanna Mun debuts on her imprint, Katabasis, with a three techno cut EP.
Sanna Mun is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her approach to production is inspired by her work as an archaeologist, using digital modeling and field recordings of ancient sites to extract their psychoacoustics. Sanna's multifaceted sound ranges from ambient to mental and classic techno. Her sense for organically evolving motifs drives her live sets, which resolve to induce a state of meditation.
Katabasis started out as an experimental techno event at Sameheads in Neukolln, Berlin in collaboration with local musicians and visual artists. The vision behind the project is to springboard underrepresented artists reinventing minimal, hypnotic and early techno. Its name and imagery derive from Western esotericism, rooted in Sanna's experience as an archaeologist specializing in occult sciences. The label's first release features tracks exploring Pythagoras' musica universalis, planetary frequencies informed by her studies with Luz Peuscovich.

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