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1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jan 20, 2023

After the last part of the corpora trilogy and the "Paralyzed" EP by label owner Sciahri, Sublunar is delighted to introduce a new artist into their family.
For the last decade, Calum Lee AKA Paleman has steadily built a powerful catalogue of releases showcasing his unique percussive and textural take on electronic music. In 2020 he launched a new alias ‘Fresnel Lens’ that showcases his film scoring work and more experimental, explorative personal works running alongside his continuing work as Paleman.
After 2021’s self-released PLMN005, 2 Fresnel Lens albums and a short film OST, Paleman turns to Florence based Sublunar Records in 2023 for his next release and longest work to date - ‘Veiled’. The release encapsulates a considered and focused writing process informed by rhythm, momentum, abstract moods and a desire for tangible visceral sound design orbiting techno, UK experimental electronic music, and early electronics.

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The Fell



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