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Keen-edged Keen-edged




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

May 26, 2023



Fast, nervous, incisive. With Rebecca Delle Piane, you really can't go wrong. Class 98', Fondi born and Terracina based Italian artist joins the KEY crew with an unmistakable four tracker EP.

"Creatures of the night" takes our hand into a paranoid and distorted bleepy delirium. Everything is unnerving. A harsh, almost discordant mixture where the title clearly renders the idea of its content.

A2 "Personal Prison", softens down the confusion and guides the listener a bit deeper into the rabbithole... The atmosphere is ominous. Kickdrums are round and steady while crisp, subtle hats fill all the blank 4x4 spots. Seething strings play with odd bells, all rounded off by a rolling, groovy, beat.

Up next goes "La Vita Di Allora", which in italian translates 'the life of back then'- a sentimental title which reminisces an undefined past or moment. The first element which stands out of the composition is a thick, vibrating bassline, which blends in with distorted snippets of the vocal. Definitely a dancefloor weapon for the high momentums... And for sweat.

Last but not least, B2 concludes the release by developing the bleepy madness into a more grounding cut. A smooth grain delay provides texture to the hi's, while toms take your attention to the low frequencies once again. A general sound which will make you feel a different kind of energy. Sinister and cavernous, with a high dose of adrenaline rush. A continuation of KEY's exploration of the abysses of horror-based sonic narrations.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Creatures Of The Night


Personal Prison


La Vita Di Allora


Terza Armonica

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