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Season Two Remixes EP
Season Two Remixes EPSeason Two Remixes EP




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jul 21, 2023



Recorded Things is thrilled to present "Season Two Remixes" by Oliver Rosemann & Alexander Kowalski. This highly anticipated release features fresh interpretations of their original tracks, and is available digitally and on vinyl.

Following the success of last year's vinyl release of "Season Two," this new offering breathes new life into the already captivating compositions. The duo's collaborative efforts have attracted a stellar lineup of talented artists who have put their unique spin on the tracks. "Stinger," "Most Monkeys Live In Trees," and "Lucid Mind" have been remixed by the exceptional talents of Roll Dann, Ritzi Lee, Vil & Cravo, and Mario Berger.

This release is a testament to the versatility and artistry of Oliver Rosemann & Alexander Kowalski, as well as the immense talent of the remixing artists. "Season Two Remixes" is a must-have for electronic music enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether you prefer the digital format or the warmth of vinyl, this release is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Stinger (Remix Roll Dann)


Most Monkeys Live In Trees (Remix Ritzi Lee)


Stinger (Remix Vil & Cravo)


Lucid Mind (Remix Mario Berger)

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