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1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Feb 17, 2021

Faith Disciplines and Subsist Records are two labels that have bet on the personal sound of Group, moreover, between these two platforms there is a good relationship and, although Subsist is a label oriented mainly to techno, it has always been open to other genres such as electro, industrial or experimental, on the other hand, Faith Disciplines is a label with a style designed expressly for experimental music, Lo-Fi and with sound elements of industrial.
Both labels have released Group albums, but it was Subsist Records who discovered this enigmatic project, which after 5 years since its debut we still have absolutely no information about the artist or artists who embody it.
Perhaps, and to disorientate us even more, we can discover with this new album something more about their past. Agriculture is a different release, this time Group doesn’t just stick to his degraded style and shows us that whoever is behind this project most likely had a past as a techno producer.
The lack of brightness, optimal saturation and large spaces that provide effects such as reverb, are properties that usually possess the tracks of Group, therefore, we must be clear that we are not going to find a conventional techno, as each of the 6 tracks could be cataloged with a different subgenre of techno but, sonically we know that they have passed through the hands of this project.

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