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Rhys Celeste
Microlith III

Microlith III
Microlith IIIMicrolith III




2x Vinyl 12" Album



Release date

May 3, 2021

Rhys Celeste - Microlith III | Fundamental Records (FR024)

This new album is the third album Fundamental Records release from Rhys Celeste aka Microlith in last three years. "We always tried to release all the tracks Rhys sent to us as best as possible and this new album follows the same concept, design and the same quality standards, the best." Fundamental Records has the authorization and full support of the Rhys family to release this third album on Fundamental Records and also the first three albums that Rhys composed during the years 2015 and 2016, three albums that never were released in vinyl format before. "We can proudly say we made all we can to keep the music of Rhys alive and available in vinyl record format at the best possible quality. All tracks for the four albums have been thoroughly mastered for the best possible sound in vinyl record format." This is the last project that will be released under the Fundamental Records label. As you can imagine they wanted to say good bye with something really special. Limited to 300 copies. No re-press.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Untitled 87 7



Untitled 8 9



Untitled 23 2



Untitled 102 3



Untitled 99 5



Untitled 108



Untitled 71 13



Untitled 96 8


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