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Felipe Gordon
Sincopa Liquida EP

Sincopa Liquida EP
Sincopa Liquida EPSincopa Liquida EP




1x Vinyl 12" EP Limited Edition



Release date

May 14, 2021

DJ and producer Felipe Gordon now steps up on Fluid Funk with the six-track "Sincopa Liquida" EP.

Having honed his craft with some choice releases on the likes of Toy Tonics, Razor N Tape, Quintessentials and Shall Not Fade, home to his forthcoming debut LP, Bogota-born and based house DJ and producer Felipe Gordon now steps up on Fluid Funk with the six-track "Sincopa Liquida" EP, featuring New York / Detroit / Atlanta legend Kai Alce and London's funk master Aroop Roy on remix duty.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Sincopa Liquida


Samplin' 'n Slappin'


Samplin' 'n Slappin' (Aroop Roy Remix)




Evolving Textures


Evolving Textures (Kai Alce Remix)

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