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Robotics EP
Robotics EPRobotics EP




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

May 21, 2021



Anthony Rother links up with Detroit heavyweights Keith Tucker and DJ Di'jital.

Anthony Rother links up with Detroit heavyweights Keith Tucker and DJ Di'jital for a deep exploration of psionic robot engineering and extrasensory electro styles. Truly extending the work of Kraftwerk and others, Anthony, Keith and Lamont came to define electro in the late 90s and tirelessly continue to develop their sound to this day, culminating in the Psi Robotics EP - a cold scan of the minds of future machines and their hypnotic influence.

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Keith Tucker - Other Worlds


Anthony Rother - Psi Robotics (Instrumental)


DJ Di'jital - Return Of The Hacker


Anthony Rother - Psi Robotics (Original)

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