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This Is How We Dub






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Feb 8, 2022

Could a hypnotizing marriage between dub techno and Detroit house be the perfect sonic symbiosis? Check out This Is How We Dub on our third Tech-Um label which is the product of a collaboration between Paul Donton and Daniel Mancini's The Maersk Project and Dutch DJ and iconic producer Orlando Voorn. All of these have been established and respected names within the Techno scene for several years - decades, even! The fruit of their collective labor is finally here to catch your ear and get your body to move along accordingly.
Tech-um proudly presents This Is How We Dub, which offers the listener an array of pulsating and sometimes abrasive rhythms. Yet once established, they are hard to let go. Before you know it, each timeless track becomes an essential part of the current atmosphere. Care to take This Is How We Dub for a spin - literally? You will soon find that it will do the same thing to you!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Maersk Project - Spadder


The Maersk Project - Spadder (The Nighttripper Remix)


The Maersk Project - Spadder (Orlando Voorn Remix)


Orlando Voorn - This Is How We Dub

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