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Nowhere 02

Nowhere 02








1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Sep 26, 2022

Everybody loves a good mystery. The second chapter of the Nowhere Series brings you to France, Kalamazoo, Arnhem and Den Haag. Four forgotten dance floor bangers by folks who clearly remember the first summer of love, back in 1988. First up is a dark and twisted acid track by Laurent Garnier. Flashback stems from 1997, but has aged like a good single malt whiskey from France. You better believe it. It Talks To Me is proper Detroit techno, with it's abstract stabs and moody strings. Except it's from Poland, where US-born Donnell Knox now resides since 2005 and where he has pumped out an amazing discography. You can't get any closer to early Transmat-energy than with this raw track from 1995. On the flip it is over to Holland, for two forgotten gems. Inferno only came out on vinyl, back in 1993. On the legendary label Gyrate. It's a full on acid affair, with a massive break. Made by Dutchies Frederik (of Pako & Frederik fame), Eric De Man & Heiko van Eindhoven. Solartrek by Roland Klinkenberg was picked up by I-F in 1995 for his Top Secret label. The energetic and surprisingly bright track is now remastered.

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Oct 26, 2022

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Laurent Garnier - Flashback Remaster


D-Knox - It Talks To Me


Frantic System - Inferno


Roland Klinkenberg - Solartrek

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