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Sev Dah
Merak EP

Merak EP
Merak EPMerak EP


Sev Dah




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP



Release date

Jul 14, 2023




Merak EP by Sev Dah marks the debut release on the Berlin-based label Dust in Grooves. Heavily influenced by the grit and zeal of Berlin, Detroit, Birmingham, and, his own, Sarajevo, Sev Dah unleashes his distinctively punchy and deviously structured spheric sound across this 4 track EP.

Opening with a stomping dancefloor tool that sets the energy high with playful and nostalgic loops, "Audio Grape" showcases the dynamic range of the techno proletarian. The dexterity of "Butter Knife" cuts intensely through the air with unexpected tones and drums, evolving into a steamy big-room journey made of sinister spins all the way through.

On the B side, "Dense Fog" permeates the space with a thick grip, softly engulfing all the senses in a labyrinth of sound, steadily building up anticipation with gleaming pads and elevated melodies as the story unfolds. The final track "Meraki" glistens with cold, robotic, fast-paced beats, roaring with otherworldly chords, like omens from the dystopian future, and melancholic subtlety that leaves a feeling of bitter hope.

From start to end, the EP Merak is an expression of the thriving and techno-revolutionary spirit of Sev Dah, crafting powerful narratives through a minimalistic approach. As a founder of DIG records, Olivia Mendez aims to bring precisely this signature sound, and a dedication to vinyl culture, which puts Dust In Grooves at the forefront of the contemporary techno scene. Further bridging classic and current formats, is the dynamic augmented reality cover designed by visual artist Bileam Tschepe. To unlock its motion, follow the riddle on the back.

All tracks are mastered by Nihad Tule.
Words by Lora Mateeva, MONUMENT

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Audio Grape


Butter Knife


Dense Fog



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