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Judy's Bass

Judy's Bass
Judy's BassJudy's Bass






1x Vinyl 12" Reissue



Release date

Dec 3, 2021

Re-release of the record originally released on 2012-03-26.
The third release on Slices Of Life comes from the Berlin vinyl DJ and producer Baaz, who has been gaining steady growing attention by House Music lovers and DJ's. He is the reason that Daniel Bell reactivated his Elevate label to release a Baaz 12inch in 2008. This EP and the releases on Agnes' label STHML Audio opened up the door for very productive collaborations with other labels and dj's. The 3 tracks on Slices Of Life show Baaz's focus on deep pure and simple House grooves that roll on massively, and work perefectly without using obvious effects and frills.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Judy's Bass




Carbon Hair

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