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1x Vinyl LP Mini-Album Limited Edition Numbered



Release date

Apr 28, 2016

Limited to 150 copies.
Some years ago Neurobit released a 7” on Enfant Terrible with minimal music very much in the style of Terry Riley. Now Neurobit return with a very different sound, much less electronic in orientation. This mini LP “Moira” sounds like some obscure Asian ensemble playing contemporary ambient and drone music. Music also somewhat reminiscent of some of the stuff Philip Glass did and in the distant you hear sounds and moods related to the music of Sarah Davachi and Antii Tolvi but in the end it is just the perfect music to have a mellow and relaxed trip on.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Within Clear Sight


A Humble Farewell


Phantom Hourglass


A Spin In Destiny

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